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We want to contribute to a better world, and we hope you will join us.

We want to invite our guests to help us make a difference in a fun a cozy way. This is why we have made our calendar for both guests, staff, and bypassing people of the hotel. We have focused on the sustainable development goals from the United Nations, and created events that goes along with them, because we believe that even small steps can make a big difference.

Take a look at all of our exciting events here:

Veganuary - January Goal 13.

One of the most effective ways you can make a positive impact on the environment is to eat less meat. Therefore we join the celebration of January as the official vegan month, and we want you to celebrate with us, in the best way possible. All during the vegan month, we are happy to offer you a discount to Restaurant Ark which has the Green Michelin Star and offer amazingly delicious vegan tasting menus, perfect for sharing. It is an eating experience you don’t want to miss! 
Please contact the staff in the reception, and we will make a reservation for You with a discount,  and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved once, while taking care of our planet.


Celebrate – week 8. Winter pride. Goal 5

At Savoy Hotel we celebrate diversity, and we celebrate the Pride! So, in contributions to the festivities of the winter pride in Copenhagen, we have arranged a week of colorfull celebration, for all who wants to attend. Come join us in the lobby bar, and enjoy our colorful settings.

Time: Week 8


Gin Tasting - World wildlife day – 3. Marts. Goal 15

3rd of March is world wildlife day, and to celebrate that, we have arranged gin-tasting with Gin-Heroes in our cozy lobbybar for our guests. The gins are made from ingredients found in the Danish national parks, which gives them their unique and delicious taste. Come and hear the exciting story behind the different gins and their origins, and the way Gin Heroes makes their products in a sustainable way, with respect for nature. This is also an opportunity for you to learn a lot about Gin, and how to mix it with the exact right ingredients and mixers to match your taste and bring out the exciting flavors. Perfect for when you just want to enjoy a gin-tonic alone, or for when you want to impress your dinner-guests.

Time: 19.30-22.30


Price: 350 kr.


Staycation - International Day of Forests – 21 march. Goal 15

To celebrate UN’s International Day of Forests, we will choose one lucky winner of a free stay for 2 persons in our suite, with a bottle of bubbles included! All you must do is take a picture from Hotel Savoy, at March 21st, and share on Instagram with the hashtag #IntlForestDay, and @savoycopenhagen, and we will choose one random winner between all the contestants. The winner will be contacted directly on (DATO?).

Earth hour – 25. March kl 20.30-21.30. Goal 13

We turn of the light during earth hour, and we encourage all our guests to do the same! That’s why we want to ask you to turn of the light in your room, and then invite you to join us in our cozy lobbybar on March 25th between 20.30 and 21.30, for a glass of wine - on the house. Be a part of earth hour, by making it wine hour, and enjoy a bit of your evening in the delightful company of the other guests, and our sweet staff in a candlelit setting, while also contributing to taking care of our planet.


Wild Roots – International Day For Biological Diversity – 22. May. Goal 15

On May 22nd we celebrate UN’s international day for biological diversity. That’s why we have arranged a foraging trip for all the guests who would like to join. It is an opportunity for you to learn about how to find things in nature and use them, for all kinds of delicious things at home – easy, cozy, and good for the environment. It is free to participate, and we provide bicycles for the transportation. Bring your breakfast-bag along for the ride and enjoy it as a mini-picnic in the nice settings of the Danish nature, and when we return to the hotel, we offer an “Ukrudt”- soda, on the house, so you can taste one of the many ways to use the things found in nature.

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm


Collection - we donate clothes for “Mændenes hjem”  5 september – International Day of Charity - Goal 3

Maybe you’ve been shopping to much during your vacation? Or maybe you brought clothing on your business trip that you no longer need? All during the year we thankfully accept clothing-donations from guests, as well as our own staff, and on the 5th of September we celebrate International Day of Charity, by bringing all the donations to “Mændenes hjem” who are an organization that helps people in need and are located in our own lovely part of town – Vesterbro. So look into your suitcase, and your heart, and see if you can find something that doesn’t mean a lot to you, but could make a huge difference for a person in need.


World cleanup day – 16. September. Goal 13.

16th of September is world cleanup day, and at Savoy we want to contribute to a cleaner world. Therefore, on this day, the hotel chief and the staff take a walk around the lake to collect garbage, and we would like to invite you to join us! We leave the hotel at 13:00 and arrive back around 15:00. As a thank you for your contribution to world cleanup day, we offer coffee and cake, on the house, when we arrive back, and furthermore all participants will receive a voucher for 10% discount for your next stay at Hotel Savoy.
We really hope you want to participate in making the world a little bit cleaner with us. Every little action counts!

World vegetarian awareness month. October Goal 13.

For the second time this year, we celebrate a delicious way to take care of the environment, by inviting your loved once out for dinner. All during October we offer discounts when you order vegetarian food at selected local restaurants. Come to the lobbybar and hear about all the exiting different options for a sustainable eating experience, that won’t cost you a fortune.

Sustainable Christmas Market. - December Goal 12

Another interesting collaboration between Hotel Savoy at Vesterbro, and the school Sputnik, now results in a Christmas market, where you, your family and your friends can come by and get the Christmas feeling, in the courtyard of Hotel Savoy, taste the world’s best homemade “æbleskiver” and glogg and see the different interesting booths with unique Christmas decorations. Here is the opportunity for you to get a vintage, or upcycled, Christmas decoration home to hang on your tree this year and for many years to come.
At Sputnik the motto is “we’ll meet you as you are”, and at Hotel Savoy one of the most important things are to meet the guests, and get to know who they are, and both values will be part of our Christmas market as well. So, let’s meet in the courtyard over a smoking hot cup of glogg and feel the Christmas spirit together– Finally it is Christmas at Vesterbro.


We encourage all our guests to do whatever is in your power to change things to the better. We hope you will attend our events and have fun whilst celebrating important days and raising awareness about UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  If you want to learn more about UN’s goals, and what you can do to make a difference in your everyday life as well as on your vacation, please visit THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (

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